Cupid’s Revenge – Mobilizing for Love (and Thrusting|Snatching|Burpee-ing)

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We are looking forward to Cupid’s Revenge, the February 15th CF competition organized by Proving Grounds Competition and hosted by Dynamis CF (Carlsbad).

For the 100+ competitors signed up, we’ve got some goodies for you below. Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT – Movement Rx founder and MobilityWOD presenter – has put together some targeted mobility exercises to prepare you for the competition over the next couple of weeks. Take a look!

WOD 1: 5 Minutes in Heaven

Key Points to remember with this WOD:
1. Breath under control
2. Front rack position
3. Work on grip for chest to bar pull-ups Mobility

Techniques shown:
1. Thoracic spine extension mobs – with peanut
2. Internal rotation of the shoulder

WOD 2 Love Potion #8

Key Points to remember in this WOD:
1. Load from the hips and use the arms to help the explode motion onto the box – practice on a higher box, and step down from the box Mobility
Techniques shown:
1. Hip flexor and quad banded mob for the muscle and hip capsule
2. Ankle flexion mob with band to help with elastic energy for jump

WOD 3: The Heartbreak Kid

Key Points to remember in this WOD:
1. Work on your overhead position- can warm up performing handstand holds for some proprioceptive input into the wrists and shoulders
2. Be able to hold the bottom position of your overhead squat for a short amount of time to feel what a solid bottom position feels like (remember you want to mobilize to the point of restriction)
3. Use the wrists when jumping and keep the elbows bent and next to your body

Best of luck to the participants! Come visit our booth at the event for additional mobility tips.