It’s that time of year!

A few hundred thousand of us around the globe will be cursing Dave Castro.

The next 5 Thursday afternoons will be filled with some kind of adrenaline as we await our 7 to 30 minute doom.

That adrenaline will carry you through 16.1/16.2/16.3/16.4/16.5 and you’ll be thrilled you’re done.

Some of you are sick enough to repeat the workout.

And then a day or two later…”Oh, I’m stiff.”

That’s where Movement Rx comes in.

How should you recover?

We’ve got 3 things to help you this Open Season.


If you’re looking for something quick you can do on your own, we’ll have you covered with our CF Open 2016 Recovery videos. These will be released on Friday, the day after the week’s announcement.  Like us on facebook to gain access.

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If you need a bit more guidance, try our CF Open 2016 Recovery Class. This class will be Monday afternoons at 1pm @ CrossFit ATR in San Diego. You’ll be led by a CrossFitting Doctor of Physical Therapy through a class that will help you recover quickly and get prepped for the next week.  Only $10 a class, or $39 for all 5 classes.

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We’ve got a special treatment service for all CF Open participants.  Spend 30 minutes with one of our CrossFitting Doctors of Physical Therapy and take home a custom program to help you maximize recovery.  Only $49 per session, or $219 for a punchcard of 5 visits.

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Why should you do any of this?

If you want to move without pain, improve your performance (farther, faster, more weight, more reps, less time), or extend your athletic life, then sign up for one of the above!


Ready to Get Better, Faster?