GOAL: Meet, Manage, and Motivate a company as a TEAM to help Decrease trips to the Medical Doctor (lower health care costs and insurance premiums), Increase Productivity, Improve Morale, Increase Efficiency, Energy, Focus while at work, and Ultimately Improve the Retention of your Employees!

A company is only as good as the people it keeps.“- Father Joseph Hornick, Former Commodity Broker and Entrepreneur

As a LEADER, I challenge you to VALUE you and your employee’s health and the wellness before it is lost…….

Detailed Initial Evaluations and 6 Month Follow Up Include:
Ergonomic Assessment
Functional Movement Screen Based on current and desired activities!
Q&A on Past Medical History, Current Problem Areas, Goals, etc
Access to quick Daily Motivation Videos made by Dr. Theresa Larson & guests!
Blood Pressure & Body Fat %
Blood Work to identify Cholesterol, Glucose, Calcium, Sodium etc.

SERVICES For Individual Athletes
Assessment of current movement patterns
Review or Develop a Plan of Care
Functional Movement Screen customized to your activity
Muscle/ Connective Tissue Release (therapeutic massage)
Joint Mobilization
Personalized Mobility & Stability Program (MO-STABILITY)
Ergonomic Assessment of Work Environment

If you are a Business Owner, Company Executive, or Benefits Coordinator inquiring about Movement Rx’s program for yourself and your employees please contact us today for a FREE initial consultation to review your goals and how our services can help you achieve them.