Mobility Monday: Some Archetypal Shapes of Yoga are Skill Transferable to Weightlifting! What???

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Yup! The title of this article is correct. This is all about weightlifting and yoga. What?? How does that work? First we thought that the two wouldn’t go together. But when we tried it here in our clinic, they don’t just go together, but they also complement each other perfectly. When you do weightlifting, it only improves your muscles and strength. But when you combine it with yoga, you will develop Strength and Flexibility. How awesome is that?

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Since I have been doing a lot more yoga than I am used to this week I have noticed many of the positions are similar to what we discuss in the strength and conditioning world.  We may not use the same gentle and kind words (such as a light shining off the end or your spine),  however the outcome is the same. You get better muscle shape on this.


Want to learn some yoga poses that have archetypes similar to that of the weight lifting movements like the split jerk and overhead squat?

Check out this video on how to align your pelvis and practice the feel of an end range split jerk NOT overextended or even different ranges of the overhead squat with proper pelvic alignment.

Perhaps trying yoga and working on your split jerk positions was on your new years resolution list for 2014!  Awesome, you just killed two birds with one stone (or killed two plants if you are bird lover).

Learning how to move, stabilize, and load the  pelvis is key to taking your game (whatever that may be) to the next level as well as prevent unnecessary athletic injury that comes from lacking neuromuscular control in key positions.