Coach Ray on CW6 News: Forget the apple. Squatting everyday keeps the doctor away!

We’ve all heard doctors say “Don’t squat below parallel. It’s bad for your knees”. That’s completely bogus!

Our bodies are BUILT to squat below parallel. Watch how a toddler changes levels from standing to reach for something on the ground. Our bodies are wired from birth to be able to do this foundational movement.

The squat is important for hip strength, spinal strength, knee health, and pelvic function. Executed properly, there is absolutely no reason why a person shouldn’t work to develop capacity in the squat below parallel… especially if longevity and long term independence is important do you. Our bodies are MEANT to squat below parallel.

Most adults in western culture have lost the ability to achieve this position with control because of a wonderful invention known as the chair. Eastern cultures on the other hand… it’s not uncommon for people to eat in this position, garden, use the bathroom, hang out with friends.

Key Health Note. There’s also significantly less instance of hip or knee replacements in these cultures. We don’t find that to be a coincidence.