Shoulder Pain & Performance Workshops in San Diego

For you CrossFitters out there, we’ve got shoulder pain workshops in San Diego for you.  The 2017 Open is probably still fresh in your minds.  As always, the Open taxes the shoulders…heavily.  After low back issues, shoulder pain and shoulder … Continued

Got Shoulder Pain When Lifting Weights? A case study on why the shoulder may not the problem.

A middle-aged woman who includes Olympic Weightlifting as part of her exercise regimen came to one of our human performance clinics recently with pain in her left scapula (shoulder blade).  She had a history of lower back pain on her … Continued

Your Neck and Texting

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Have you ever wanted to give an aardvark a ride on your neck? You say “no”, but every time you look down at your phone to type that perfect post you are giving that aardvark a ride. That is what … Continued