Calf Cramping

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Calf Cramping can totally be prevented in endurance races. Falling out of a race due to calf cramping is inexcusable.   Proper Hydration is huge (see video): Mobility in your ankles/feet is also important: Why?  If you do not have … Continued

Ankle Mobility for Trail Running

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Running is one of the most natural forms of human movement. Proper ankle mobility is needed for all aspects of trail running, specifically uphill. In order to strengthen the ankle, one must look at the foot and the lower leg. … Continued

Plantar Fasciitis

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What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitis is a condition characterized by pain in the heel or bottom of the foot. It’s a common malady for anyone that stands, walks, or runs for extended periods of time on hard surfaces. Treatment … Continued

Shin Splints

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Are you a runner or athlete who is struggling with lower leg pain? or a Shin Splints? Do you have achy shins? Does the tibia bone hurt when you press hard on it – from the ankle to just below … Continued

Tippy Toes

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What is toe walking? Toe walking is a bilateral gait deviation in which the heel strike is eliminated and weight load is solely on the forefoot (ball of the foot). Toe walking is actually believed to occur normally during development … Continued

Pistols Progressions

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Pistols Progressions : Struggling with the Pistol? Is your problem mobility? Is it strength? Or is it stability or balance? A couple simple tests:   MOBILITY: Are you able to squat below parallel with good position: hips below parallel, feet … Continued

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