Calf Cramping

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Calf Cramping can totally be prevented in endurance races. Falling out of a race due to calf cramping is inexcusable. Proper Hydration is huge (see video): Mobility in your ankles/feet is also important: Why?  If you do not have proper … Continued

Jumping Over a Wall

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No matter the height of the wall, do not be intimidated. You need to approach the wall like you want to bulldoze right through it. Hip flexion and dorsiflexion in your ankle matter here. The higher you can get your … Continued

Ankle Stability for Trail Running

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Trail running also requires a large amount of Stability for the downhills as well as all the variable terrain.  Proprioception is a sense of where your body is as determined by the conscious feedback it receives from muscular, tendon, and articular sources … Continued

Ankle Mobility for Trail Running

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Proper ankle Mobility is need for all aspects of trail running, specifically uphill. Maximal ankle dorsiflexion and 1st toe extension is needed for optimal performance. Trail running consists of various different terrain and puts the ankle and foot in multiple different … Continued

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