Scapula Drills for Shoulder Stabilization

Many athletes, knowingly or unknowingly, are excessively trap dominant. This leads to poor shoulder position and leaves you more prone to shoulder injury. In this video, Dr. Claudia Chaloner and Coach Ray Regno introduce 3 simple drills to help strengthen … Continued

Lat Smash With Traction

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Here’s another oldie but a goodie just in time for some additional 16.3 recovery for any of you who decided to retry it yesterday. Give this mob a whirl and get yourself recovered and ready for 16.4!

Got Shoulder Pain When Lifting Weights? A case study on why the shoulder may not the problem.

A middle-aged woman who includes Olympic Weightlifting as part of her exercise regimen came to one of our human performance clinics recently with pain in her left scapula (shoulder blade).  She had a history of lower back pain on her … Continued