Coach Ray on CW6 News: Forget the apple. Squatting everyday keeps the doctor away!

We’ve all heard doctors say “Don’t squat below parallel. It’s bad for your knees”. That’s completely bogus! Squatting is not bad. It actually helps! Check out the video below and find out how. Our bodies are BUILT to squat below … Continued

Midweek Mobility – Improving the Front Rack Position

Here’s a couple easy ways to get those elbows up and out for better position in the front squat and clean. If you experience any back pain or tightness after any front rack exercise (front squat, cleans, presses, thrusters, etc), … Continued

Got Shoulder Pain When Lifting Weights? A case study on why the shoulder may not the problem.

A middle-aged woman who includes Olympic Weightlifting as part of her exercise regimen came to one of our human performance clinics recently with pain in her left scapula (shoulder blade).  She had a history of lower back pain on her … Continued

Developing Balance in the Squat

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Continuing with our theme on developing better balance here’s a drill you can to improve your balance and positioning in the squat. To see more8 on developing balance, see our other video: http://movement-rx.com8

Butt Back

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  What your coach really means when they say “get your butt back!” Way too often I see athletes hinge their low backs into a stripper pose to prepare themselves to pick up a deadlift or set up for a … Continued

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