Calf Cramping

Calf Cramping

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Calf Cramping can totally be prevented in endurance races. Falling out of a race due to calf cramping is inexcusable.


  1. Proper Hydration is huge (see video):
  2. Mobility in your ankles/feet is also important: Why?  If you do not have proper ankle range, your body will have to work harder to overcome the fact you do not have the range and motor control needed to work at the ranges you are asking it to. 40-60 degree inclines, jumping and landing off a wall in a good position, going into a deep squat to lift a tire, will not feel great as well as cause your body to compensate in ways that later on after the race or even during are not favorable…


The big question, how do you know if you have decent ankle/foot mobility? Test Dorsi-flexion (DF). On the race course, perform the various techniques we talk about in this video that take you anywhere from 1-2 minutes, which is time away from racing, but will allow you to stay in the race and FINISH.  Winners finish, and finishers win. Dropping out due to stiffness or cramping is not ok!

We would recommend spending 6 minutes working on your ankle DF daily if you are an endurance racer and have a race coming up. Don’t wait to find out if you are one to cramp. Take care of yourself now and if you happen to cramp during the race you know what do.

Hope this video helps! If you need more information about cramps, don’t hesitate to call us!