Be Victorious Competition

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Be Victorious Competitors!  See below for mobility techniques and videos for this Saturday’s competition.  There’s a brief description below the WOD title, as well as a mobility video for each WOD providing more color to the description.

WOD#1:  Conquer

Clean Ladder

Mobility Tips:

You need to have a solid front squat for a solid squat clean, so get hot and sweaty and warm up the clean with these mobilizations:

  • Squat- Lateral Banded Mobilization and or sit at the bottom of the squat pushing your knees out!
  • Front Rack- Banded overhead mobilization with some contract relax
  • Burgener Warm up!

WOD#2:  Blitzkrieg
Rowing, Burpees, and Muscle Ups Oh My!

Mobility Tips:

You need fast twitch hip extension and flexion for the rowing, burpees, and muscle ups. Preload your tissues with the following mobilizations:

  • Banded Hip Flexion/Extension: Use the band like a backpack to help preload your tissues prior to rowing and burpees
  • Press Position- for Muscles ups, often times the press archetype (position) is hard to achieve without fighting yourself. You need full shoulder extension and internal rotation. Work the extension piece first then the internal rotation.

WOD#3: Overwhelm

Mobility Tips:

Make sure your hips have full flexion and you can achieve a solid pistol archetype and can access your hollow rock position quickly so you will be using your body efficiently for the Toes to Bar.

  • Hip Flexion: Banded Happy Baby on Steriods (the good kind)
  • Banded Pistol Mob
  • Practice the hollow rock on the pullup bar