How To Deal With Low Back Pain

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On a scale of 1-10, how much pain are you in?

Your sciatica may be causing you a daily pain level of a “six” but is that the same “six” as the person next to you?

Is it 60% of the most pain you could feel before you would pass out from the pain?

Or, is it your perception, based on a sliding scale, involving all life factors, stress, happiness, and pain you are feeling?

Pain is a tricky beast. Yes, I know you are feeling pain in your lower back. I am not discounting that.


A Complex Symphony


Lower back pain is the result of a complex symphony between the brain and body. Your brain is the conductor controlling the action. The neurons it fires are the notes that flow through the nervous system that each musician follows. The body is that musician that plays the notes the brain sends.

The process also flows backwards from body to brain. This allows the brain to sense danger from poor movement, neural tension, or injury. The brain’s response to save you from danger is pain. Pain is the tool that prevents further injury.

However, this is only the physical component. Your lower back pain is always worse when you are having a bad day, getting poor sleep, or stressed. In the symphony of the nervous system, everything is connected.


The Answer is Under Your Nose (and Through Your Nose)


There is one tool however, that connects the brain and body. This tool relieves physical, mental, and emotional tension, and allows you to reprogram the way your brain experiences pain. The breath, found directly under your nose, is the lynchpin connecting the symptoms that create and add to your lower back pain.

Our colleagues at The Low Back Fix recently wrote an article breaking down the connection between how mental and emotional stress often expresses itself as physical pain, and simple techniques for solving that pain.

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