Scapula Drills for Shoulder Stabilization

Many athletes, knowingly or unknowingly, are excessively trap dominant. This leads to poor shoulder position and leaves you more prone to shoulder injury. In this video, Dr. Claudia Chaloner and Coach Ray Regno introduce 3 simple drills to help strengthen … Continued

Midweek Mobility – Improving the Front Rack Position

Here’s a couple easy ways to get those elbows up and out for better position in the front squat and clean. If you experience any back pain or tightness after any front rack exercise (front squat, cleans, presses, thrusters, etc), … Continued

Win a Free Team Entry (it’s for a good cause)

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Everyone! There’s a great event going down on April 23rd in downtown San Diego. It’s called WOD4Autism. You can win a free team entry from Movement Rx. How? It’s pretty easy. You just need some creativity, a camera, and probably … Continued

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