Coach Ray on CW6 News: Forget the apple. Squatting everyday keeps the doctor away!

We’ve all heard doctors say “Don’t squat below parallel. It’s bad for your knees”. That’s completely bogus! Our bodies are BUILT to squat below parallel. Watch how a toddler changes levels from standing to reach for something on the ground. … Continued

The RIGHT Way to Use a Standing Workstation

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By now almost everyone has heard about the benefits of a standing work station, or at least the terrors of sitting too much. (Graphics are from Custom Made) You’ve also likely heard a counter-argument. As with most things these days, … Continued

Challenge Your Balance

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Email [email protected] for a FREE balance assessment! Offer good through Friday July 22, 2016

The Movement Fix Episode 27

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On episode 27 of The Movement Fix Podcast, I am joined by Theresa Larson, DPT, CSCS. Theresa is a physical therapist, movement coach, author, member of the Mobility WOD staff, previously an All-American D1 softball player, former Lieutenant in the … Continued

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