Ankle Mobility for Trail Running

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Running is one of the most natural forms of human movement. Proper ankle mobility is needed for all aspects of trail running, specifically uphill. In order to strengthen the ankle, one must look at the foot and the lower leg.

When you are sprinting, your ankle joints do two types of movements that is called the dorsiflextion and the plantarflexion. Plantar Flexion is when the foot flexes away from the knee downwards. Dorsiflexion is when the foot flexes towards the knee. In an uphill running, dorsiflexion is important because it keeps you running at top speed. It requires a large force on the hips, knee and ankles. All these joints work together.

When you don’t perform these exercises well, your will likely to experience a lot of injuries and pain after running. This will also slow you down. Proper training is really needed when you want to keep doing the uphill running the right way.

In this video below, we are going to show you some of the ankle mobility drills that you can try to keep your speed up during uphill tracks. This will also help you strengthen your hips, legs and toes.

Watch the video below

Maximal ankle dorsiflexion is needed so the amount of your toes come up to your chin is needed towards the whole performance of trail running. The big amount of big toe extension is needed for optimal push up or running uphill.

Maximal ankle dorsiflexion and 1st toe extension is needed for optimal performance. Trail running consists of various different terrain and puts the ankle and foot in multiple different positions.

To achieve maximal ankle dorsiflexion to get you ready for the trails, give the following mobs a try.