Graphic, seminarIf you are the owner or General Manager of a gym, or are responsible for the training of Coaches, Trainers, or PeerFit/Wellness staff, then you’re on the right page.  Our Advanced Movement Seminars are meant for the people responsible for your Athlete, Member or Employee health and performance.

In these small group Seminars, you will learn to integrate advanced assessment theory with tools and practical applications to use in your daily work.  These include tests, movement education and observation, cues, and programming.  Whether your interest in movement is to A) ensure safety and longevity or B) to optimize performance (or both), give us a call at 877-854-1343.  In most cases, we can come to your location.

Advanced Movement Seminar Overview

  • Topics:  Seminar topics can be tailored to your needs, but we also have our standard suite of movement topics we can deliver.  These include Squat, Overhead, Running, Fire, Military, Blue-Collar, and White-Collar.
  • Pricing:  This varies based on the number of staff in the Seminar and the size of your team, membership, or employee base.  Contact us for details.
  • Contact:  Fill out the form below, or contact Per Larson in our business office to discuss your needs and interests (877-854-1343).

“Can you please thank the team for me? I don’t think I got a chance to truly thank them. They did an amazing job and we got a lot out of it. I love their style. No bullshit, very knowledgeable, and clear. They covered exactly what I wanted and allowed for discussion when it was warranted which is really what I was looking for. I only wish we would have filmed it for review and the missing coaches. Next time for sure though.”

  – C. Cross, Head Coach & Owner of CrossFit Long Beach

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