6 CrossFit Movements and the Cues to Keep Your Low Back Healthy

6 CrossFit Movements and the Cues to Keep Your Low Back Healthy

How crossfit movements help you achieve a healthy back

There are a lot of reasons why we experience low back pain. Most of the time, people who have back pain are due to poor movements. It could be carrying a load over a period of time. This sometimes occur in the following areas:

  • At home
  • In the office
  • At the gym!

It happen as well when we are carrying heavy objects that our bodies are not prepared of. Like for example lifting heavy chairs when moving in an apartment and also by lifting heavy loads in the gym due to wrong movement and proper posture.

The team at Movement Rx has taught proper movement & mobility to thousands of CrossFit Coaches, has treated thousands of CFitters in our clinics, and has coached thousands of Members in our gyms. I don’t say that to boast, just to reinforce that we have a very good idea of how to teach proper movement and maintenance in this community.

This year, we’ve been hyper focused on helping fix low back pain, because we see so many people with issues (spinal stenosis, bulging discs, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, SI joint issues, etc) that can be avoided.

What NOT to do in these CrossFit movements

Whether you have back pain or want to avoid it, we made these videos as simple and quick reminders. There are six – 3 on bodyweight movements and 3 on the lifts. There’s a link at the bottom to 3 BONUS VIDEOS on squatting movements.

Pushup from Movement Rx on Vimeo.

Dip from Movement Rx on Vimeo.

Deadlift from Movement Rx on Vimeo.

AdCFJerk from Movement Rx on Vimeo.

AdCFSnatch from Movement Rx on Vimeo.

To see the BONUS 3 videos, and more info on avoiding back pain, go to this page HERE.

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