2014 Left Coast Invitational Workout and Movement Prep

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Greetings LCI competitors!  Below are video tips for help you prep for the competition.  Note that Event 1 for individuals and teams is a secret, so we start at event 2 below.


Event 2 :: Pistol and Toes to Bar Prep

Dr. Theresa Larson of Movement Rx provides valuable tips to improve your pistol position and toes to bar efficiency.

Event 3 :: Clean and Jerk Prep

To maximize your capacity in the clean and jerk, it is important to open up your thoracic spine and have adequate internal rotation at the shoulder. Movement Rx’s Dr. Theresa Larson shows you how.

Event 4 :: Double Under and Deadlift Prep

In this video, Dr. Theresa Larson of Movement Rx, provides valuable tips on optimizing your double under mechanics as well as achieving strong and stable positions for the deadlift.

Team Event 2 :: Clean and Jerk Ladder Prep

In this video, Dr. Theresa Larson of Movement Rx shows you a creative way to mobilize your thoracic spine as well as a classic method to mobilize for the front rack and overhead position. Additionally, Theresa provides helpful tips on improving your footwork and positioning for the split jerk.

Team Event 3 :: Partner Carry, Deadlift, and Double Under Prep

In this workout prep video, Movement Rx’s Dr. Theresa Larson discusses the importance of spinal stability for the partner carry, the deadlift, and the double under. Proper position and stability is key to carrying your partner safely, lifting more weight from the floor, and flying through the double unders. Stay tight, stay safe, and have fun!