14.5 Open Mobility Tips from the Arctic

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After performing 14.5 in possibly the furthest box North of the Equator, CrossFit Tromso in Norway, I have some tips on mobility.

Since I am unable to video with my super coach friends this week, here is my two cents with all the wind, mountains, and snow:-).

Major Summary of Tips:
1.Get warm and Sweaty
2.Perform 10-15 Partial Burpees where you are working on the ground to thrusting your hips off the ground into the top of the inch worm position
3. Mobilize your hamstrings either with a band or on a bench
4. Mobilize your hip flexors with a band using muscle dynamics (contract relax) to help with the hip extension at the top of the thruster and burpee
5. Mobilize your overhead position, specifically the thoracic spine peanut mobs, and use the band to help get that last bit of flexion and external rotation you need at the top of your thruster and burpee
6. Perform 10-15 more hip thrusts on the ground
7. Practice your Thrusters with the bar, then working to a heavier weight (I chose to use the mens weight #95 for a couple of reps to help with pre-loading your tissues).

Your hip extensors are primary movers and will save you in this workout, keep your arms from feeling smoked both on the burpee’s and thrusters. Also maintaining your front rack position to push press position in the thruster without changing spinal position is also a huge deal and will give you energy points.

Enjoy and see you next week:-)