14.4 Prep! Feeling Chipper?

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Dr. Theresa Larson and Coach Ashley Linder discuss mobility tips and WOD strategies for 14.4

Note: The video cuts off a little after 8 minutes (Skelly was getting a little long winded..)so make sure to see below for the recap on recommended performance tips and mobility.

There are a lot of positions you have to hit with this workout! In a nutshell to be most efficient, having full capacity in your ranges of motion is ideal.

I would recommend going after the joint capsule itself in the positions that are most restricted. Here are some recommendations: For your front rack position- mobilize the thoracic spine to aid in extension, for your wall balls go after hip flexors and rotators of the hip (using the band), for the toes to bar- any banded overhead movements to help with your flexion and external rotation would be helpful.

To oly shoe or not to oly shoe?…that is the question. Wear ’em. They aren’t going to hurt your performance and may offer the intended support for wallballs and cleans.
Also make sure all equipment stations are set up close to each other so you aren’t slowed down by moving across the gym or have an excuse to linger.

Keep it to a minimum yet make sure to practice each movement. Suggest 2 rounds of 20% prescribed reps well before 3-2-1-GO


  • Row: Don’t blow your WOD wad on the row. Take your time and treat this as your warmup. Strong, efficient pulls are key while maintaining good posture and remember to take advantage of the recovery after the pull
  • TTB: Even if you could go through a good portion of these unbroken you may want to consider breaking them into manageable sets to prevent forearm fatigue too early, which in turn could bring you to stringing 1 or 2 near the end
  • WB: Catch it while moving down and use the momentum of the ball coming down to help send you into the squat, bounce right out and keep those elbows high so the weight doesn’t pitch you forward. Break these up as many times as you need, shake your arms out and get right back to business.
  • Cleans: Hook Grip. Hook Grip. Hook Grip. Your forearms will appreciate the assistance you offer from a hook grip. Try to accumulate as many touch-n-go reps as possible but not going to point of failure. If it gets to the point of singles, drop it from the top, follow it down and set up for anther lift while remembering to reset your feet.
  • Muscle Ups: There are three types of athletes: those that will not get a muscle up, those that get them every once in a while when they’re fresh, then there are the ones who will be getting them and hopefully stringing them together. Know where you fall so you can have a better understanding on pace for the WOD

Have fun and may the Crossfit Gods be with you!