14.3 Prep!

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Get your strategies for CrossFit Open 14.3!! Dr. Theresa Larson, Coach Charlotte Hickenbottom, and Coach Ashley Linder once again talk preparation, warm-up, execution, post WOD mobilizing, and recovery.

Remember Spine First. Your will save energy and generate more power in having a solid set up for both the deadlift and box jumps.


Pre WOD MOBILIY OPTIONS for key joints utlized in14.3 WOD (by Dr. Kelly Starrett):

Prep the Ankle Joint from landing with the box jumps or stepping down or up:

Episode 313: Improving Ankle Range, Super Friend Addition

Using the Vodoo Floss on the Ankle to compress the joint and improve sliding surfaces quickly:

Episode 350: Tack And Floss: Heel Cord Edition

Prep the Hip Joint to help with External Rotation and Posterior Glide when setting up for every deadlift and box jump:

Episode 302: High Hamstring Tear

Episode 354: Make Your Own Super Floss/High Hamstring & Hip Gnar Gnar