10 weeks later…where are my New Year’s resolutions?

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Lo and behold, we find ourselves exactly 10 weeks into this year. Yes. Already. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s just over 19% of the year gone by.

(Note:  I’m sharing this because I assume the vast majority of those getting this email – i.e. those that have worked with Theresa and Movement Rx – are high achievers, but still occasionally suck at keeping pace with their goals.)

That number – 10 weeks – got me thinking about the goals I set for the New Year.  Better to do that now than in 3 weeks at the end of the 1st quarter, right? I looked at the goal sheet this morning that we have stuck to our kitchen wall, and I’ll miss at least 50% of the goals set out for March 31. (But I’m still perfect so far for the year end goals – I haven’t missed any yet!!) So I sought some inspiration and came across some notes I took only a few weeks ago at a presentation by Cameron Herold, the guy who built 1-800-GOT-JUNK. He’s a great speaker, and amongst the various nuggets of wisdom he imparted there’s one that’s salient for this topic of accomplishing goals. It’s called Top 5 (I obviously have not been doing this…)

The gist:
Write the five most important things you will do for each time period in order of importance – year, quarter, week, day. Set time aside to work on the lists you’ve created. For instance, the weekly list may be a mix of personal and professional. Set aside time outside of your professional schedule to allow yourself to work on the personal list. Keep in mind that your daily lists should align in some way to the lists for the longer time periods.

Now for the tricky part. First thing in the morning (or the first minute of your allotted time for the list), look at item one, cover up the rest of the items, close your email/silence your phone and start working on it. Every 15 minutes look back at item number one until it is finished. Tackle item number two in the same way, etc. You may only finish 2-3 items, and that’s perfectly fine. You’ll be working on the important ones.

The idea of course is to stick to this every day, and the way you prioritize what’s important will get better and better and better. You may only allot 15 minutes to this process at a time, or perhaps the entire day. The point is the discipline to focus on the important and the evolution in what you prioritize.

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